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During several projects, I have had the pleasure of working with PROBATUR GROUP's specialists. Particularly characteristic is the operative approach with solutions that bring added value for the client. Thanks to their experiences, they are quickly able to empathise with the client's situation and put forward practical standard solutions as well as tailor made solutions.


For me, the PROBATUR GROUP is a valuable addition and an opportunity to jointly achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.

Jelle van der Haak


SCC Supply Chain


Graz, Austria

I wholeheartedly endorse the solution for private provided by
PROBATUR GROUP, as it has significantly contributed to my
personal development. The comprehensive approach they
offer has been invaluable in fostering my growth and
enhancing various facets of my life.

I highly recommend PROBATUR GROUP's solution for private
to anyone seeking profound personal growth and

Atanas Gyurov

Plant Manager

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